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Sharjah Buhairah Corniche Sharjah Buhairah Corniche

SHARJAH: Family Is Where The Heart Is (Part 2)

“In April 2016, SCTDA launched Sharjah My Family Destination.

The campaign, which aimed to introduce new tourism offers and packages for families visiting Sharjah, was a clear testament to the emirate’s commitment to families as a core pillar of its tourism strategy,” indicated Al Midfa.

Further commenting, Divyesh Kumar, manager, inbound, Orient Tours, clarified, “As we see, family tourism is predicted to grow at a faster rate than all other forms of leisure travel, partly because it represents a way to reunite the family and for family members to spend time with each other.”

Kumar added that Sharjah is a destination that has packaged which include all the components for family requirements such as leisure, entertainment, shopping, education, adventure and comfort.

Bulcum explained that apart from fully equipped suites with kitchens, laundry rooms and other amenities the property benefits from the convenience of Sahara Mall, which is connected by a footbridge to Ramada Sharjah, and home to Adventureland, one of the leading and biggest indoor theme parks in the UAE, offering numerous other entertainment options for all ages.

Also, Nehme, enthused, “We have started customising our occupants’ policy with our partners, travel agents and tour operators, and we offer attractive family packages to our guests […].”

Kasch, agreed, “We work together with the museum and events department in Sharjah and have created some fun family weekends where guests can book a package that comes with a variety of activities to choose from.”

Whilst, Zein, further commented, “We have been focussing on providing a dedicated platform and amenities for kids, emphasising more on physical, creative and activities related to nature.”

He noted that Radisson Blu Resort, Sharjah, provides facilities ranging from kids’ pools, a variety of meals for children, big accommodation rooms for families, a Friday itinerary boasting of a family lunch with activities for children, along with a children’s beach play area is also available.


The reason why the emirate is able to cater to an array of family orientated travellers, according to Kumar, is the fact that Sharjah is centrally located with the ease of good road access to neighbouring emirates, good connectivity via Sharjah International Airport, along with reasonably priced attractions and hotels.

Kasch, elaborated, “Sharjah is safe and friendly, it has something for everyone and activities to match each budget too, with many hotels to choose from, a beautiful Cornish to walk, water fountains, water parks, butterfly parks, museums and Meliha for adventure, [the region is set to please many families who travel here].”

Furthermore, Zein, added, “Sharjah is the ideal holiday destination for families because it is one of the safest places in the world with beautiful beaches and cultural areas to enjoy with your children.”

He explained that Sharjah is ready to welcome families because tourism professionals have built some attractions specifically for this market.

Farhat, also clarified that the Al Qasba area which is a Sharjah landmark now, has a lot of activities throughout the seasons, during week days or weekends which can be very appealing for family getaways in Sharjah.


The future looks bright for Sharjah, whilst hoteliers and tourism officials continue to strive in bringing the best out of this family destination which is rich in heritage.

Adding, Kasch commented, “We are always looking for new interesting things to do and products to launch.

Our packages are very much linked to the Sharjah tourism department plans as we go hand in hand.”

Whilst, Farhat, stated, “The main contributor to keep up the story of success is the consistency to implement Sharjah activity annual calendar and the deep belief that Sharjah is the safest place for a family to travel to regardless of the age.”

Al Midfa, concluded, “Sharjah will spend the next few years focussing on its natural assets.

The emirate has placed large areas under environmental protective measures and the authority has committed to promoting the opportunities available for outdoor tourism.

[...] “Sharjah can promise all families an excellent experience.”