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Seychelles Seychelles

SEYCHELLES: Hidden Family Tresures

Silhouette Island, the third largest islet in the Seychelles, boasts a 1.5km sandy beach on one site, and green mountain tops on the other, and is home to Silhouette National Park.

“This amazing duality of the island means that there is a great range of experiences and activities for the whole family,” exclaimed Marie Reix, manager, marketing and communication, Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa.

In a bid to address the needs and preferences of families, the resort hosts a wide range of activities, such as organised trips and other adventures, while also offering secluded villas with their own pools, which are particularly popular among Middle Eastern families.

On a similar basis, Kai Hoffmeister, general manager, Constance Ephelia Seychelles, has estimated that families comprise approximately 50 percent of the hotel’s total clientele.

“[…] We are all the time improving our service towards families and we have even outsourced a specialist for our Constance Kids Club activities and children care,” commented Hoffmeister.

The country has several resorts on offer, which similarly to Constance Ephelia Seychelles, offer larger ground areas, and enhanced amenities for this specific segment, as Hoffmeister explained.

With villas providing a relaxing shelter of privacy and security, the Mahé-based resort is also an ideal choice for Middle Eastern families.

Acknowledging the importance of this market, Fathalla forecasted further surges in demand.

“The increasing popularity experienced by Seychelles as a family destination explicate that families are drawn to visiting the [destination] and in the future, we envision Seychelles to be the top of mind family destination in this market,” stated Fathalla.

According to Hoffmeister, the destination already boasts a strong proposition, which now just needs to be promoted.

“Everything is already here; from the immaculate beaches to the high-end hotels. It is more on a communication [side] that authorities need to work on and explain that not only honeymooners can visit the Seychelles,” suggested Hoffmeister.

In line with this, the tourism organisation’s Dubai office will continue to roll out actions to effectively market the islands.

“We […] seize every opportunity to promote Seychelles as a family destination,” confirmed Fathalla.

On a final note, Messerli added, “Seychelles as a family destination is a hidden gem.”