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SINGAPORE: Food Lover's Paradise

The Lion City’s extensive air travel network means that many trips begin at Singapore Changi Airport so from the moment they land, passengers have access to a variety of Halal dining options across the hub’s three terminals, noted Tan.

The red dot, as it is known, is no stranger to the culinary requirements of Islamic tourists.

While many properties offer Halal food options, Orchard Hotel Singapore stands out with a Halal-certified kitchen.

It is not just hotels that ensure that Middle Eastern guests are properly catered for.

“The range of Halal food available in restaurants that is certified by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore is enough to delight any Muslim traveller,” remarked Abdul Salam.

Commenting in reference to the continuously expanding market, Chin added, “There has also been a great push by many other eating establishments to obtain Halal certification.”

Nevertheless, he continued to say that more Muslim-friendly eateries spread across the whole island are needed.

Carrying on this theme, Chin revealed, “We offer menus that are clearly labelled items with pork in them and also provide breaking fast and pre-dawn meals during the Ramadan period.”

These seasons are ever-popular times to travel and hoteliers continue to adapt to the changing market needs, Ng divulged, “During Ramadan in particular, additional thoughtful dining arrangements are made for guests to enjoy after they break fast.

An Iftar menu [...] is extended to all in-residence guests who wish to dine within the comfort of their rooms.”


“Family is important to our Middle Eastern customers,” stressed Shuttleworth, noting this group’s preference for travelling together with their closest relatives with a focus on privacy and high-level services.

Underlining the requisite to accommodate families, Ee mentioned, “We offer larger premier rooms and suites which cater to Middle Eastern travellers visiting with bigger families.”

“The family segment is key for us,” elucidated Abdul Salam. “Visitors from the Middle East continue to see Singapore as a safe and exciting family holiday destination in the Far East.

[…] STB has been actively educating the travel trade and direct consumers on Singapore’s appeal as a family destination for Muslim visitors.”

Singapore is viewed as a top family destination not just because its host of attractions for the young and the young at heart, but as Yong highlighted, also for its infrastructure, air connectivity and reputation as a safe environment.

Ng summarised, “The Global Muslim Travel Index, released in March this year gave Singapore high scores for its safe travel environment, number of Halal dining options and ease of communication.”

Whilst the city state is a well-established in terms of facilities, according to Chin, more personnel in the service industry who are able to interact with Middle Eastern tourists, are crucial.

There is no doubt that Singapore understands the needs of aforementioned visitors, but it is also important to understand this group’s preferences, noted Yong, adding, “Our country’s tourism industry will tap into this fast-growing segment and continue to explore and invest in facilities and services that are welcoming for them.”

Nevertheless, due to its comprehensive understanding of Middle Eastern traveller needs, it is no wonder that the Lion City is considered alluring to so many.