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OMAN: Refined Beauty, Tailor Made By Nature

Long established as a destination dedicated to preserving the wonders of nature, whilst immersing its exploiters in a surreal experience, Oman promises to cater even for the most demanding of eco-tourists.

Encompassed in an immense ecosystem, where people come to enjoy the nature and unspoiled earth, clear waters and golden sand, the offering's crystal clear seas, fresh-water lagoons and mountainous peeks are suitable for the most niche of natural escapades.

Commenting on catering for all demands, Hewitson emphasised that a range of tailor-made, authentic experiences have been designed to allow their guests to immerse themselves in the local history, culture and landscape.

Further complementing the variety of experiences available, Rob Gardner, founder, Muscat Diving & Adventure Centre, stated how they are seeing an increase in clients for trekking and cycling, adding, "All our trips have a big proportion of eco-tourism and feel this fits well with Oman's nature and its culture."

Gardner ensures that it is imperative to ask their clients what they want, as an example, by inquiring their dinner requirements or having local guides introducing them to the Omani people.

"The Omani guides can give the door into the culture and history; not just a window view," added Gardner.

In agreement, Dinesh Poorjary, general manager, Eihab Travels, indicated that the main three things that Oman offers are people culture and nature, further asserting that, "Eihab Travels have been taking a leading role in the country to introduce, promulgate and to incorporate responsible and sustainable practices and we work closely with the local communities in order to provide unique and culturally enriching experiences of Oman […]."

Sustainability does not stop with the environment, it unravels from the support given to the locals through training, teaching and raising awareness of vital skills, exclaimed, Hewitson, ultimately enriching the nature cherished experience.

"Fitting in with the Anantara ethos, we always ensure we give back to the local community and sustain the environment as much as possible," adding that part of this is done through Omanisation, by continuing to support the locals by offering them jobs, training them, and teaching them vital skills to climb the career ladder.